Nanny Blog Week 2 Part 1

Nanny Blog Week 2 Part 1

Welcome back! If you’re reading this, than that means you were interested enough to come back. I am blogging now on Wednesday night because we have to have two blogs per week so I figured one now, half way through the week and one at the end of the week.

water play

I’m sure you’re wondering what Connor and I were up to these past few days. Monday I didn’t get to see him because it was Memorial Day. So I just had him Tuesday and Wednesday for this blog. The weather has been amazing! The best part is, Connor LOVES being outside. We attempted to engage in water play again on Tuesday. Connor wasn’t feeling it as much, I think he was chilly being wet in the shade. But, I found an old bouncer that I was able to clean up to use at my house for Connor. One thing I noticed was that he has a lot of core strength and arm strength but lacks in the leg strength. I’m not sure if it’s his chubby feet or if he skipped leg day, but he is on a mission to walk, so I am attempting to help build that muscle for him. The benefits of the bouncer is that he is relying on his legs but has the comfort of not putting all of his weight on them and not falling. He is absolutely loving it and I have already seen a difference, in just one day!

Wednesday came around and we were so hot. Like 86 degrees hot. I tried to mist him off with the mist setting on the hose, but he remained pretty serious. We decided to cool off in the shade on my hammock and he passed out! I can’t blame him we were so comfy and the outdoor sounds are pretty calming.

the bouncer

One thing I wanted to touch on in this blog was introducing solid foods to babies. Now, I don’t mean the mashed up baby food, but a cracker, or a piece of watermelon or a scrambled egg, like food we would eat. This is a huge milestone for babies, and it is important to be sure they have a few key features down pat:

  • at least two teeth
  • the pincer grasp (thumb and index finger to pick things up)
  • ability to swallow non liquid things
  • sitting up independently
  • adult supervision
stroller nap

Connor is a little late to the game because his mom was nervous to introduce the foods to him, but so far he is really enjoying feeding himself! Wednesday he had scrambled eggs which honestly weren’t a huge hit but he was able to get them into his mouth and swallow a few bites. It’s important that even though babies have the teeth, they aren’t chewing these foods. Here’s a list of foods that I might suggest to first introduce your baby to:

  • a half of a banana
  • strips of bell pepper
  • scrambled eggs
  • a cracker that can easily dissolve (ritz)
  • small cut up watermelon chunks
  • very tiny pieces of pancakes

Babies can start eating these things at all different ages, like I said it depends on the baby, but make sure your baby has the key features before you try to introduce these types of foods to them. I am putting a link here to give you more on this topic if you wanted to look more into it. It talks a lot more about timing, and what to give your baby when. I personally spoke from experience in this blog, and what I have given the babies I have been the caregiver for.

Thank you for reading another blog of my nanny adventures, I will update on Friday about how the rest of this week has gone!

hammock nap

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