Nanny Blog Week 2 Part 2

Nanny Blog Week 2 Part 2

Hi everyone! Connor and I had a blast this week. We did so much, learned so much, enjoyed the fresh air and slept, a lot! This week C has been getting new teeth so that means, extra drool and nice long naps. Unfortunately the AC at my house broke shortly after we turned it on so C and I were hot, but we made the best of it.

I am super excited he is loving the bouncer I fixed up for him. His legs are already getting so strong! Towards the end of the week, he was able to pull himself up onto things. That’s huge. I am so excited, but a little nervous because once he starts walking, he is going to go crazy. His next step will be ‘cruising’ which is a term used for when a baby pulls themselves up onto things like a couch or a coffee table, and uses that for balance for their arms while they walk alongside of it.

standing up!

One subject I wanted to touch on today was teething. C currently had two bottom teeth, fully grown in and two top teeth that just popped through. I think he is starting to get another on the bottom and maybe on the top. His favorite thing this week is a frozen face cloth. Babies love to chew on things, especially cold things when they are teething to help sooth.

Here’s a list of some other ways to help sooth a teething baby.

  • wet cloth
  • teething rings
  • cold food or water
  • safe and soft toys to chew on
  • teething biscuits

C has been also loving snuggles. He just mastered the hug trick where you ask him for a hug and he either leans in or puts his little arms around you for a hug. I’m going to put a research link here that will help explain the benefits of snuggling with your baby and it actually goes into how it was in history as well.

That’s all for this week, be sure to check in next week for more adventures with Connor and I! Be sure to drop questions if you have any and I will do my best to answer. Also if you have any stories that relate, I would love to connect!

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