Nanny Blog Week 5 Part 1

Nanny Blog Week 5 Part 1

Welcome back to week 5! The start of this week has been very funky. Monday and Tuesday Connor and I went on a nice long 4.5 mile walk. He absolutely loves being outside. He is very curious too so walking has become one of his most favorite activities!


On Wednesday Connor had a pretty rough day. He has been teething really bad and today hit him hard. This morning he had a baby fever and was completely fussy the rest of the day. After researching everything about teething I tried my best to soothe him every way possible, but unfortunately that’s all I could do.

water play a total favorite

Last week I found a vlog of another mom, but this week I wanted to find a blog, to compare. I found this blog called The Mommyhood Chronicles. I found this one so fun! The blog has so many fun resources and helpful tips on it. My favorite was her section called “Top Five Laughs” where she writes about things that make her laugh about her kids. This part is so fun and I think I will have to make my own version of it!

Now I understand I am not a mom so some of the stuff I can’t relate to like pregnancy and giving birth, so I wanted to see if I could find maybe another Nanny blog.. I was psyched when I found a site called The Nannyhood. This site is for nannies to connect, you can join the “hood” and find other nannies near you to talk, give or get advice, set up playdates, or just make a new friend. (This is so cool) There is also a blog on this site about nannying. I have never been so intrigued by a blog before. I am completely in awe. I wonder if I could somehow create a site eventually like this one.

So, for the end of this post I want to share a “laugh” I have had so far this week. Connor has been cracking me up trying all new things, he makes the silliest faces. Wednesday I decided to try out a popsicle on him, he absolutely loved it! Until he went to go grab it (not understanding the set up of a popsicle, must hold it by the stick), and shortly realized that this wet, cold and sticky thing does NOT belong in his fingers.

tangerine popsicle for the win

That’s all for today, come back again at the end of the week and I will let you know how C is doing with teething. As always, comment with questions or comments please!

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