Nanny Blog Week 6

Nanny Blog Week 6

Hi everyone! Welcome to my last blog post assignment for WRT304 I have hopes that I might be able to continue doing this because I really enjoy documenting my days, but with summer picking up and my nanny schedule getting hectic, I can’t make any promises.

I only saw Connor on Monday this week, Tuesday was my 21st birthday and Wednesday I had Summer.

Connor absolutely amazes me day after day. He started off slowly army crawling and now he can do so much. He officially has mastered the sign language sign for “more” without even being prompted. He uses it a lot when he’s eating, and when we are playing. He also started using the sign “all done” while eating but more often than not this one is prompted. I am linking an article here to give you guys more information on benefits of teaching sign language to babies.

confident baby!

He is so close to walking! He pulls himself right up onto literally everything, window ledges, doors, couches and tables, you name it. He is so sturdy and walks right along every surface, I have never seen someone more determined.

I had a really good birthday if anyone was wondering, I spent the day at the beach with my best friend and boyfriend, then went out to dinner with them and my family.

I then had Summer all day on Wednesday, and boy what a change of pace that is! She is a nine year old just for a refresher or if you haven’t seen me mention her before. She started off French braiding my hair, then moved onto playing dolls, then we baked, did a LOT of chores and went on a bike ride. It is so fun having two nanny jobs especially at two completely opposite ends.

Summer baking using Raddish Kids

That’s all for this week, if you have been following along I really appreciate it, if not, you missed out.. lol. I have had so much fun doing this project and I am so glad I was able to go outside of my comfort zone to do something like this, opening up, being personal and being creative. Hugs to all.

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