Nanny Blog Week 5 Part 2

Nanny Blog Week 5 Part 2

Welcome back! This blog post is going to be a little short because I am only writing about one day with Connor. I want some advice. His birthday is coming on July 5th and he is going to be ONE! But what do you get a one year old for their birthday? Will they remember it? Will they even like it? Let’s go do some research.

Check out this link, it tells us the 23 best gifts for a one year old in 2020. How perfect? I actually found some pretty cool stuff on there that I think Connor would like.

  • Little Tike’s water table
  • What’s Inside? softy feely box
  • Pewi Y bike
  • Gund Flappy the Elephant
  • Little Tike’s car

Connor loves crawling and climbing and picking and pulling and singing and dancing.

Now that I have a few ideas, I will have to either order from amazon or head to the store. On Thursday Connor and I went for a ride in the car to get a new pair of sneakers for me, and I got to spend some time with him in the back seat. He cracks me up, he is still loving on his ice cream teether that I mentioned in my Brady Bunch collage.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for birthday presents for him and I will update you guys on what I got! See you next week!

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