Nanny Blog Week 3 Part 1

Nanny Blog Week 3 Part 1

Connor and I did a lot of walking in the beginning of this week. He absolutely loves being in his stroller and the fresh air. I love it too because I get to have some exercise while he is either content or napping and he’s right there with me. To be honest, we have been loving the cooler weather. It makes it more tolerable to play outside and not be covered in sticky sunscreen and sweating in the heat.

Connor has been such a character lately. He has been so extra chatty, he loves to hear himself talk and he also has been on the move. He loves to crawl and now that he can almost pull himself up, he is able to get into more things. I love seeing his personality grow day by day.

On Wednesday I wanted to take him to go crawl around in the grass, but he absolutely hated the feeling of it. Now, I don’t know the answer to this so I looked it up. I found it so funny because he loves feeling things, whether it be a soft blanket, water, the skin on my legs, or my boyfriend’s beard. But, he did not like the grass.

From the research, I found that since the babies nervous system is getting tuned up, they kind of have sensory overload. The article also compared it to being high on shrooms…very interesting. I linked it here if anyone wanted another look at it, but I’m not sure how reliable of a source it is.

Remember when I talked about water play and how he loved it? I gave him a tub this afternoon and he hit a huge milestone. He was so excited about getting in the tub and the flowing water in front of him that he actually pulled himself up all by himself onto the edge of the tub! I was psyched. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture because I wanted to spot him in case he fell, but I think that the bouncer is totally helping his leg strength.

That will be it for this week, have you guys ever seen videos of babies being put in the grass? If you haven’t I highly recommend doing so. Once again, thanks for coming back and I’ll catch you all up at the end of the week!

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