Artifact One

Artifact One

Standard 7: Planning for Instruction- “The teacher draws upon knowledge of content areas, cross-disciplinary skills, learners, the community, and pedagogy to plan instruction that supports every student in meeting rigorous”

This artifact is a lesson plan that was created for a third grade classroom using a standard from the common core state standards. The lesson includes the learning objective, materials, assessment, a hook, instructional strategies, differentiation and classroom environment considerations. The lesson plan also includes a virtual adaptation description.

This artifact demonstrates Standard 7: Planning for Instruction, because as a future teacher I used the UNE lesson plan template, decided on a standard to follow and content area, and created a lesson plan that could be picked up by any teacher and taught from the artifact. The artifact also includes the virtual adaptation which meets the standard by adjusting the plans to meet the students’ needs in case the class or assignment would need to be virtual.

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