Nanny Blog Week 4 Part 2

Nanny Blog Week 4 Part 2

Hi everyone! The end of this week went really well. Connor had a bad nap day on Thursday but a super good nap day on Friday. I had to wake him up after 2 hours and 15 minutes! Should you wake a baby from sleep? Not sure, let’s find out. According to Colleen Fisher Tully from Today’s Parent, she says “In other words, don’t sweat an extra 20 minutes, but be prepared to wake them before they’ve clocked an additional hour or more of sleep during the day.” I agree with her, Connor is on a good schedule and if I let him sleep too long, he might not sleep at night as good, and then therefor messing up the schedule the next day!

Connor also had some fun because his mom went to the grocery store and got a lot of new snacks to try! I wanted to find a vlog because I find them really interesting and cool, especially documented by moms. I found this one mom who talks about toddler food and snacks, and I thought it was really interesting. I don’t think Connor is there yet for quesadillas but, I think all of her stuff and advice was reasonable.

Sometimes I think about how interesting it would be to make a vlog of my day, especially with Connor. I’m not sure if it would work that well because I am barely on my phone. Lately I have been chasing him around every where!

That’s all for this week! Comment with any questions or comments and I will be sure to get back to you. See you next week, thanks for coming back!

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